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Voting Categories

Nursery of the Year - South

  • Hythe Bay Children’s Centre
  • Helter Skelter Nursery
  • The Oaks Nursery
  • Ready Steady Go Childcare
  • Circus Day Nursery and Playschool
  • Squirrels Nursery
  • Liden Primary and Nursery School

Nursery of the Year - North

  • Care Chiefs Children's Day Nursery
  • Broad Oaks Nursery
  • Queensbrook Childrens Nursery
  • Innocence Nursery
  • Longwood Daycare
  • Little Tinkers Day Nursery
  • Worth Valley Private Day Nursery

Nursery of the Year - Midlands

  • Little Stars Nursery School
    Melton Mowbray
  • Busy Bees
  • Kiddy Kapers
  • Kinder Care Day Nursery
  • Fairytales Day Nursery
  • The Nest Nursery and Preschool

Best Independent Nursery

  • Saddleworth Stars Nursery
  • Plantos Day Nursery
  • Little Lane Nursery
  • Care4Kids
  • Anna-Ca-Soo Day Nursery
  • Charley’s Angels Day Nursery
  • The Olive Tree Nursery

Nursery Group Recognition

  • Midford Road Nursery
  • Forest Friends Day Nursery
  • Reach for the Stars Nursery
  • Bambino’s Day Nursery
  • Bright Sparks Day Nursery
  • The Manchester College Nurseries
  • Tortoise Nursery
    Shropshire - West Midlands
  • Little Bears Day Nursery

Best Staff

  • Little Wrens Nursery School
  • Redbrook Nursery
  • Coalway Early Years
  • Chestnut Grove Kindergarten
  • Little Treasures Day Nursery
  • Little Angels Nursery
  • Butterflies Nursery

Best Staff Development

  • Bright Little Stars Nursery
  • YMCA Sefton Nursery
  • Mini Treasures Nursery
  • Banana Moon
  • Scribbles Preschool
  • Greenshoots Pre School
  • Kiddi Caru Day Nursery

Newcomer of the Year

  • The Old Library Nursery
  • Sunshine Community Nursery
  • TwinkleToes Preschool
  • Arcadia Nursery
  • In The Woods Nursery
  • Home2Home Nursery
  • Moorside Stars

Best Planned Activities

  • Harvington CE First & Nursery School
  • Bright Sparks Day Nursery
  • Headstart Nursery
  • The Park Playgroup
  • Wiggles and Giggles Nursery
  • Smartie Pants Day Nursery
  • St James Infant and Pre-School

Best Indoor Learning Environment

  • Brock House Day Nursery
  • Bruche Primary School Nursery Provision
  • Home From Home Nursery
  • Bambino’s Day Nursery
  • Woodlands Day Care
  • Messy Hands Day Nursery
  • Invitation 2 Play

Best Outdoor Learning Environment

  • Auchlone Nature Kindergarten
  • The Enchanted Garden Day Nursery
  • Organic Forest Kindergarten
  • Red Squirrel Nursery
  • Teddy's Garden Day Nursery
  • Little Treasures Day Nursery
  • Badgers Barn Nursery

Best Team Leaders

  • Queen's Highgrove Nursery
  • Stocks Green Preschool
  • Cooperative Childcare Newbiggin
  • Bright Sparks Child Care
  • Cherish Day Nursery
  • Leasowe Nursery School & Family Centre

Nursery Food Recognition

  • Safari Childcare
  • Butterfly Blue Day Nursery
  • San's Day Nursery
  • Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery
  • Whitchurch Pre-School Nursery
  • Little Jems Nursery
  • The Folly Nursery

Best Director

  • Play Days Academy
  • Little Giggles Day Nursery
    Jamie Louise Fitton
  • Old School House Nursery
    Jackie Roberts
  • Little Bee Hive Nursery
    Carol Craig
  • Treehouse Nursery School
    Maria Sanchez
  • Little Bambinos Nursery
    Amy Richmond
  • Muddy Puddles Nursery

Personality of the Year

  • Chuckles Nursery
    Leah Shepherd
  • Your Nursery Limited
    Stephanie Brammer
  • Alpha Nurseries
    Charlotte Farthing
  • Evolution Childcare @ The Stables
  • Rocking Horse Nursery
    Chelsea Bourne

Special Aid Recognition

  • Canterbury Nursery
  • Tiny Toez
  • Little Monstarz Preschool
  • Pinecones Nursery School
  • Busy Bees Springfield
  • Jarrow Day Nursery
  • Little Jimmys Pre School

Innovation Recognition

  • Fennies Nursery
  • Footstep’s Nursery
  • Brambles Preschool
  • Homestead Nursery
  • DaisyCare
  • St Claire's Childcare
  • Crossens Nursery School

Best Website

  • The Nest Nursery
  • 22 Street Lane Nursery
  • Omnipresence Nursery School
  • Stepping Stones Day Nursery
  • BunnyRun Childcare Centre
  • Barney Lodge Day Nursery
  • Bright Little Stars Nursery

Communication with Parents Recognition

  • East India Dock Preschool
  • Wells House Kindergarten
  • Ashington Children's Nursery
  • Diamond Wood Community Academy
  • Tiny Treasures Preschool
  • CherryLands Day Nursery
  • Pudsey Day Nursery


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